1. No machines: Hand-made jewelry is made with actual human hands, which means each piece is truly unique. No machines also means less electricity, so handmade jewelry is way more sustainable!

2. Smaller scale production = higher quality! Most crafters take enormous pride in their designs, and work hard to ensure that each piece is perfect. You can pretty much guarantee that if there is a defect or problem, your designer is going to want to fix it for you! Doing things right is a major part of making things by hand.

3. Support small businesses: Even if the product isn’t necessarily made close to you, most handmade items are made closer to home than most other stuff. Handmade jewelry is most likely made by an entrepreneur with small business values in mind. Supporting them supports small business everywhere!

4. Avoid crowded stores:  How annoying is it to maneuver yourself (and your cart, and possibly kids) through packed store aisles only to fight with someone for the last thing on the shelf, then wait in a line for hours with a cart full of stuff and realize you still need to get something for your mother-in-law or coworker or neighbor?  I don’t know about you… but no thanks. Buying handmade items online helps you avoid all the holiday chaos of commercial stores. Plus, who doesn’t love shopping in bed while watching Netflix??

5. Durability:  Most handmade items are built to last.  They’re not simply made to be worn for a season and thrown away the next.  Handmade jewelry is often durable enough to pass down from generation to generation!

6. Getting a sense of camaraderie: Some people get a huge sense of community and connectedness when they purchase something that was made by another individual, especially if it was made in their own city! Supporting local crafters and small businesses creates a bond between the seller and the buyer that goes way beyond a commercial transaction.

7. Make someone’s day! I’m sure pretty much everyone has heard the phrase, “When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a dance for joy.” Well, that’s completely accurate! Every time a purchase comes through, it’s like a mini party! Celebrating someones creations and supporting their dreams is one of the best reasons to buy handmade this Christmas season.


Peace & Love