Valentine’s Day is almost here,

and at Finola Jewelry we’re gearing up for this special holiday!  Whether you have an exciting night out on the town planned, or will be celebrating love solo, we’ve got some ideas below to have the best V-day yet!

Scroll down to read our tips on celebrating Valentine’s Day in style!


1. Go Get a Mani/Pedi!

If you live in the Cincinnati area, hit up Spruce Nail Shop for a reviving and relaxing afternoon of pampering!  Whether you have 20 minutes in between meetings, a 2-hour wait for a table, or just want to treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon, Spruce has many services available to fit your needs.


2. Buy a new pair of shoes!

Nothing makes me feel quite as celebratory as buying a brand new pair of absurdly cute, trendy shoes.  If you haven’t noticed, block heels are IN this year, and if they’re covered in velvet or sparkles- EXTRA brownie points! Find this pair here and here.


3. Buy a new pair of earrings!

Finola Jewelry is ethically sourced and made by hand, which means that each piece is crafted out of high quality materials that would normally cost much more in a commercial store.  Support a small business, and add something unique to your wardrobe this Valentine’s day! Check out the newest pieces here!


4. Invest in something that smells GOOD!

Picking a perfume is a very unique and personal thing.  Since our skin has its own unique code of hormones and pheromones that can slightly or even extremely alter the way a fragrance smells, it is a good idea to spray a small amount on your wrists, wait a few moments, and then smell the scent on your skin.  My new discovered favorite scent is ROSE DES VENTS by Louis Vuitton.  It’s definitely an investment scent, but will be TOTALLY worth it. Trust. Find it here.


5. READ read read!

A good book can change your life completely, but finding a REALLY GOOD one can be challenging. Amazon has literally thousands of self-love/ self-care books, but this book is actually one of my favorites. Find it here.  Told from the vantage points of authors Meggan Watterson and Lodro Rinzler, this book explores staying anchored in the foundation of self-love. Perfect for the season of love and relationships, you will NOT regret investing in this book.


6. Make something so sweet it will give you an instant cavity!

As a dedicated sugar-holic, I make it my business to find all of the very best sugary recipes on Pinterest. This recipe takes the cake, literally.  Get the recipe here. Hide this beauty in the back of the freezer, or it will disappear faster than a cube of ice on a hot sidewalk. You’re welcome.


Happy Thursday!