If you’re anything like me, getting your ears pierced was a long-awaited (and very exciting!) coming-of-age event. Mom, younger sisters, the smattering of brave friends, and a barely-of-age Claire’s employee, armed with an earring-gun and a bad attitude, all crammed in the small “piercing station” of Claire’s. A few short seconds of pain were nothing compared to finally having those two, tiny holes in your ears.

It’s one of those real-life Judy Blume moments, like wearing your first pair of shoes with the slightest hint of heel.

And oh, how we collectively wished we could speedy up the 8-12 weeks of recovery, so we could finally begin embark on our newly found freedom; selecting those first pairs of earrings was a rite of passage. To this day, I still have my first few pairs of earrings (very tarnished and embarrassingly evident that I was born in the 90’s).

However, as I get older and my tastes evolve (and hopefully become more refined?) I am increasingly more aware of the phenomenon that is the clip-on.

A (Short) History of Ear Piercings

Pierced earrings have a trend dating back as far as 3000 BC, originating in Western Asia. Fast forward around 4000 years, and you’ll find the invention of another staple within many women’s jewelry boxes – the clip on earring.

The 1930’s saw the advent of clip on earrings, with pierced earrings falling from popularity and bowing down to their clip on counterparts. Later on in the 1950’s, it was virtually unheard of to have your ears pierced. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that ear piercing came back into fashion, knocking the clip on earrings out of popularity ever-so slightly.

The history of the world is littered with cultures who stuck jewelry (and non-jewelry) through their bodies, whether for spiritual reasons or just to look cool. The current culture is certainly no exception.

Clip On Earrings Are SO IN

Personally, when I used to think of clip on earrings, I immediately thought of my favorite grandma. No matter how she was feeling or where she was going that day, grandma Bucher was always wearing a smile and her favorite pair of clip-on’s. Even though I adored my grandma, when I thought about this specific style I always thought they were “old people” accessories, and never even considered them to be of much use in the modern fashion scene.

However, fast forward to today, and it is looking GOOD for our clip on earring friends. Refinery 29 pipes in and agrees: “Statement earrings are getting bigger and better by the season. But if you don’t have your ears pierced, you might feel like you’re missing out on the fun. Thankfully, the opposite is true: The larger these lobe-stretchers get, the more likely they are to be clip-on, which is good news whether you’re pierced or not.”

Embracing the Clip On Earring Trend

It never occurred to me until recently that there are SO. MANY. REASONS. to jump on the clip on earring bandwagon.

And let me just take a second here to say that clip-ons aren’t just for people living without pierced ears. When it comes to gorgeously-heavy statement earrings, it’s WAY better if they’re clip-ons- so that they don’t tear a slit straight down your ear.


  • Did you also go through that phase where you could ONLY wear earrings that were so heavy your ears were practically bleeding when you took a step? #Relatable, and as a result of that your piercing holes might be a *bit* more stretched than you would like. The easy solution: clip ons. No only will they not add to the problem, but in time your holes could gradually fix themselves (disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor, and therefore have no actual medical advice to, but I have had close friends who stopped wearing HEAVY A** earrings for a year or two, and their piercings mostly returned to normal).
  • Do you have a “thing” for vintage earrings? Same. And since vintage anything’s are always in style (and most vintage earrings aren’t for pierced ears, anyway) you are good to go when it comes to the Miriam Haskell clip on earrings you’ve had sitting in your Etsy cart for months.
  • Are small children constantly playing tug-of-war with your face, rendering your old favorite earrings unsuitable while in the tiny terrorist’s reach? Clip on’s will be removed if tugged-on, so they’e an easy and pain-free choice when you’re going to be around kiddos. Looking at you moms and childcare providers, or really anyone who holds babies…
  • Maybe you’ve had reconstructive surgery on your ear lobes, and you can no longer wear the earrings you once fawned over? Have I mentioned that I can convert *almost all of* your old earrings into clip ons. Email me at veronica@fino.la to start wearing your favorite jewelry again!
  • Never got your ears pierced? I TOTALLY get you, sister friend. As an adult, there is something so utterly terrifying to me about the whole piercing process. There is so much that can (very easily) go wrong when you first pierce your ears (infections, keloids, allergic reactions, torn holes…I’ll stop.) If it wasn’t worth it to you, you are not alone. In fact, you’re in good company- there are several celebrities without pierced ears.

Celebrities Without Pierced Ears:

Hailee Steinfeld

Sarah Hyland

Kristen Stewart

Chelsea Clinton

Singer/songwriter Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent)


Jennifer Garner recently pierced her ears in 2009

Gillian Jacobs JUST had her ears pierced on Jimmy Kimmel