In case you haven’t heard, this week was #nationalmocktailweek Clinking Glasses on Apple iOS 12.1

People everywhere are buckling down on their New Years Resolutions, and getting serious about their health goals. One of the best ways to jump start your health efforts is by cutting down the amount of alcohol you consume.

I love a good craft beer (or three…) with my dinner more than the next person, but after doing a little extra research this month, I found that there are actually way more benefits of cutting down on alcohol than I thought. I have lots of friends who celebrate “sober months”, and they’re even becoming a more popular trend on social media. I’ve actually enjoyed plenty of sober months without even trying, especially in the winter. Give me a snowy Saturday and a good show on Netflix, and I’m in for the night.

But just because you are limiting the alcohol you are drinking this month, it doesn’t mean you should punish your tastebuds! So, I scoured the internet (and Pinterest) to find the tastiest, most impressively deceiving mocktail recipes, so you can celebrate National Mocktail Week appropriately.


Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita Mocktail || get the recipe here


Ginger Peach Mojito Mocktail || find the recipe here

Herbed Matcha Iced Tea || find the recipe here


Italian Cream Soda || find the recipe here

Blueberry Lemonade || find the recipe here

And while you’re celebrating National Mocktail Week, you might as well try out these amazing restaurants offering a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks:

  • V Street-A Street Food Bar by James Beard –  “V Street’s whole thing is so impossibly right, impossibly good, that the fact that it’s all vegan feels like a prank. It’s not — it’s just the real deal.”– Philadelphia Magazine | Philadelphia, PA
  • Charlie Was a Sinner – Vegan eats pair very naturally with wholesome, booze-free drinks, right? Charlie Was a Sinner in Midtown Village makes it easy to go dry with options like an herbaceous basil, fennel, and lemon soda | Philadelphia, PA
  • King + Duke –  This chic restaurant respectfully sets the tone for these drinks on their menu, listing them as “N/A Cocktails”. | Atlanta, GA
  • The Promontory – This ultra-trendy restaurant regularly features four $6 mocktails. The drinks menu changes seasonally, plus guests have the option of adding alcohol to the mocktails if they choose! | Chicago, IL
  • Fig 19 – A speakeasy that still feels like a speakeasy. Bright atmosphere, and old-fashioned menu, you won’t even miss the alcohol. | New York, NY
  • Saxon + Parole – You gotta love a romantic restaurant that makes its own whiskey and has a fully fledged non-alcoholic cocktail menu. They also are now serving up drinks with another favorite woman-owned company, Rosebud CBD!
  • HIDE – “HIDE’s mission is to serve the finest cocktails in Deep Ellum, in Dallas, and beyond. Principal Bartender Scott Jenkins and his talented team of bartenders are up to the task.” Tell the expert mixologists at HIDE what flavors you like and let them concoct a drink worth remembering. | Dallas, TX
  • Holy Roller – “Inspired by the spirit of Punk Rock with a hint of religious kitsch, we’re putting out nostalgic food with a bit of whimsy, 7 days a week.” | Austin, TX
  • Eastern Standard – “Eastern Standard is quite literally the heart that keeps Kenmore Square pumping. That we can exquisitely scale our art to everything from in-room dining to conference catering is even more remarkable.” | Boston, MA
  • Oak at Fourteenth – “Oak, Acorn, and Brider co-owner/beverage director Bryan Dayton has always featured a selection of ‘no booze’ drinks on his menus to make sure, he says, ‘everybody at the restaurant has a good time.'” This gorgeous well-decorated restaurant offers a “friendly and professional atmosphere” with a generous offering of non-alcoholic drinks. | Denver, CO
  • Acorn – It’s not very often that a bar/restaurant goes out of its way to create a true mocktail, but Acorn goes the distance. With a true “no-booze” selection of drinks, you’re sure to find the perfect non-alcoholic drink. | Denver, CO
  • Kava Sutra– This unique “bar” serves up a very specific type of drink; Kava is a magical root from the South Pacific and when mixed with water becomes a “seriously relaxing drink.” | several locations in FL