We’ve ALL heard the term “boho” at least one in our lives. If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard it maybe a little TOO MUCH, especially lately…

The Boho trend has morphed into somewhat of an over-used fashion concept. We see it everywhere; boho is the new black.


It was in Paris, in the early 19th century, that the term “bohemian” came to be associated with people living an artistic and unconventional lifestyle. In the modern era, the term “Bohemian” was unemphatically used to describe Roma people, or gypsies as they were also called, in much of Western Europe. The folk-embroidered, silk-road-hat-tipping “boho” trend resurfaced its needlepoint around 2010 and now, it’s everywhere.

We can’t escape boho-everything.

We all know that when a trend is born, there is inevitably a fast-decline when it comes to being a novelty. When everyone is doing it- it’s no longer a special and unique statement.

So- where does it leave the fashion-forward women among us who still want to embrace the boho spirit, without just looking like everyone else on Instagram?

My intention with creating Finola Jewelry was to offer women a solid selection of boho jewelry, that was not only affordable- but also unique and different from mainstream jewelry trends.

I love that there are endless ways to style Finola Jewelry, wether you are a full blown boho fashion icon or are just looking to add a few boho earrings to your collection.

Bryanna, from Coming in Clutch, styles her earrings with a playful twist- she pairs them with bright striped pants and a trendy straw hat.

Boho jewelry can be paired with a plain white shirt (this one was from Anthropologie a few years ago)  to really make them pop!


You can also keep it simple with your boho jewelry by pairing it with a feminine top, like local blogger Natalie Folchi did here:


Bohemian Style Tip: Less is Less, and More is More. Here is Christine, from My Style Pill, in the Isabella Tassel Earrings